AAUW Walla Walla, currently the largest branch in WA, began in 1920 when group of Whitman College alumni, inspired by the passing of the 19th Amendment, gathered to discuss ways to promote access to higher education for women. This group 

would, in 1921, become one of the first AAUW branches in Washington State. 


Originally formed to offer scholarships and loans to Whitman students, this branch has continuously provided financial assistance to local girls and women in pursuit of their educational goals. Over the last century, our focus has remained on advancing gender equity, financial empowerment, and access to education. Through fundraising efforts, such as this Kitchen Tour and the Annual Book Sale, AAUW Walla Walla creates local scholarships for women returning to college after a break in their education or majoring in STEM subjects. We also fund other AAUW programs locally such as Tech Trek, Start Smart/Work Smart, and NCCWSL.


Find out more about our mission, programs, and how to get involved by visiting the “About AAUW” above.

100 Years Strong
Kitchen one

Sky Blue Mid-Century Modern

Kitchen two

Farmhouse Sink with a Bay Window

Kitchen three

Cozy Family Living

Kitchen 5

A Natural and Sleek Blend

Kitchen 7

Drama with a view

Kitchen four

Palm Springs chic

Kitchen 6

Cheery and Modern

Kitchen 8

Open and serene

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